The Top 3 Open Source Management Software in 2019

Open-source software in today’s tech world comes from a community which is happy to work, usually for no money, for years, due to a passion for making technology that is open-source, so to honor these workers who make our computer experiences much better, we’ve decided to write up a list of the best software in 2019, though opinions may differ. Open source CRM manages deals and it is free to download, but requires savvy to utilize for basic installation and technical ease of use, while it is often customizable and overly-complicated. The best project software provides basic management features which include create tasks, set deadline and collaboration tools, and good project software also lets users create unlimited projects.


You can usually try it for 30 days, as it is used by businesses that want contact and management software without subscription costs or on-premise solution with more control, although they are complicated and can still cost in terms of IT support. Choosing may not be easy because you need to consider whether the software suits your needs, which is why we researched dozens of options in order to create a roundup of best free management software. The criteria we used include license, contact management, deal management, workflow automation, reporting tools, user experience, deployment, ease of implementation, training and customer satisfaction

  1. TestDisk

This tool works from a command-line interface, so it doesn’t have a user-friendly look, but the support is very impressive, so it remains one of the most efficient options for recovery. Data recovery doesn’t get more clinical than with TestDisk, which looks just like it did when it was released, and it is still one of the best for recovering partitions of deleted data.


  1. Bitrix24

Projects in Bitrix24 come with charts and workload planning, letting you allocate a number of employees, so you can track each task, an interesting feature for an online project software. Our reviewers choose it as the best project software because it provides a suite of management tools and the platform allows up to 12 users, including features such as  reporting and collaboration tools. You can customize the filters and show a chart, so overall it is really like a place where your communication is neatly collected, with the ability to keep track of basic projects, easily accessible anywhere.


  1. SuiteCRM

Hosted solutions are available and it includes opportunity management, marketing campaigns, automation, access to the API and case management, making it comparable to Dynamics, with a similar feel, as it can be either implemented as an on-premise solution. It is free and there are no limits to users, making it a great solution for teams that want a product but have a technical understanding, although you can add support plans for about $1,970, depending on the number of hours. SuiteCRM offers a number of tools to help track your deals, including opportunity management, document attachments, email logging, product lists and invoicing, letting you set security groups and including a module that allows you to determine if an action needs to occur.


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