The influence of Organizational and Social Structure on Entrepreneurship

With its emergence in academic communities, the social organizations continue to expand with an increasing diversity of the field, which is why we are attempting to build a base and address this issue. Creating orientations in which organizational members work in a supportive environment and centralized decision-making inhibits motivation has an effect on the structure of entrepreneurial expansion process of any organization, which is why we conducted some interviews with members involved in the process in 70 countries. Drawing upon logic of structural social entrepreneurship and measurement of social value, we want to add to the sparse theoretical foundation of social entrepreneurship and scaling.


Entrepreneurship motives based on the cultural and institutional environment are analyzed to identify the contributions to the social sciences and major contributions in terms of deviance and marginality, cultural variables and constraints and opportunities are reviewed with a mind to the institutional mix. The literature has posited that economies and social relationships resulting from a concentration constitute the forces that create industry clusters, but this proposition overlooks the collective action and the pursuit of benefits, examining only how business and collective organizations promote group-wide interests. Nearly all industries exhibit location concentration, so the persistence of production is a result of heterogeneity in opportunities, rather than maintaining concentration.

We found that the concern to develop the international brands causes authority to be centralized and decision-makers are trying to protect the brand, while local managers search for solutions in this centralized structure. Conclusions indicate that globalization encourages the expansion of tastes through hybridization in the areas of music, health etc., contributing to the growth of ethnic communities or networks providing unskilled technological labor and capital in the form of outlets and real estate that link communities. The current distribution places constraints on activity and new findings tend to reify the geographic distribution through empirical evidence which supports this thesis.


The centralization produces lack of motivation in the diverse countries who are conducting an expansion, indicating that organizations dependent on managers and need ways of thinking and a willingness to merge personal and corporate strategies. In the context of households at subsistence level that experience loss and fracture, individuals undertake entry into entrepreneurship and rely on social relationships in entrepreneurial activities that create an income, which is why we want to test whether the disintegration of structure attenuates their behavior, coupled with factors such as gender or access to resources. If you don’t know many people, an escort can be found in every corner of US, as these days, it is common to invite one for a business dinner and they are beautiful and educated. Single men who decide to start a business can hire an escort as they are not used only for sexual fantasies but also to accompany their clients to events, especially if they need interesting contacts. If you are planning a business trip and you are going alone, we recommend finding an escort as well, in order to make the most of your time and have some company.

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